Metin Helva ve Reçelleri was rewarded with the 2007 Reward of Consumer Quality,



        2007 20. International Consumer Submit Meeting was hold on 15th of march 2007 in
   Çırağan Palace Kempinski Hotel-İstanbul Our firm,
Metin Helva ve Reçelleri was rewarded
   with the 2007 Reward of Consumer Quality, in the evening of this meeting where many
firms, politicians and artisians were attenhed. Our reward was delivered to Our
   General manager Hakkı Boztoprak by the Karaman deputy
Prof.Dr Yüksel Çavusoğlu .
   Mr Hakkı Boztoprak was pleased to have this honour,and said that Our success will be our
   future assurance and
continued his words as follows;

      We were rewarded with the Gold Lable Reward last year as the regional meaning in 
   İstanbul which got started our trend of rising in 3
years short time period and our trend of
   rising continued this year with the Reward of Consumer Quality which shows the cofidence of
   Turkish people to our lable
      Our trend of rising will be continued by our better service and quality without given any 
   consiliate from our production quality.Our
work will also continue to focuson human.  
      We are about to reach to our target to be a National firm. We have reached to our target    production capacity and endorsement amount
in the exporting quantity to be an intemational
   firm last year.

      We would like to rise up more and extend our export lines in the exhibitions and with the    various advertisements and promotions.Especially, our customer portfolio was gained many    customers from Balkan countries and Europe.

      We expect to meet you with many rewards on the respect of our lable and quality.