TTKD Awards Given



TTKD Awards Given

Golden Brand Awards given by TTKD annually were given on 15 March Consumers’ Day. Brands that regained consumer respect, prioritizing quality during commodity and service production were given an award on award ceremony that took place in Zeytinburnu Olivium Mall.

Metin Halva was given Golden Brand Award

Metin Helva was one of the nominees to be given Golden Brand award given by TTKD. To be given the award Metin Helva Anatolian Side Dealer Director Erdal Dalcı had the floor, thus spoke: “Our disciplined workings, being realized in full automated and hygienic conditions taking place in 10,000sqm covered area in Afyon working facilities, have enabled us to reach to 11 countries in Europe and 3 countries in the Balkans as points of export including interior market. We have carrying out range of activities since 1970 which are now being realized in İstanbul. Being worthy of consumer regards in such a brief time and having given the award we’re too contented.”